January 10, 2012

Feels Good To Be Back

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Clearly it has been a while. According to the last post, Chris was in Peru on a mission trip and we had just found out we were expecting our first child. Currently, our first child is 14 months old. It’s been an eventful in-between-posts.

Let me first begin by saying that if you came to this blog expecting reactions to other blogs or ‘voices’ you are going to be very disappointed.

This blog exist so that I may record what God is teaching me, and God willing, how He is using me.  Everything else is rubbish anyway according to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (Eph. 4:29-32).

For those of you reading this blog wandering what in the world I was just referring too, be glad.  I promise you this – your life, and walk,  is better for it. I decided to quit wasting time watching Pauly Shore movies back in the 90’s for the same reason…no point, nothing beneficial, nothing accurately portrayed.

As I tried to think about the reason why I believe God wanted me to begin blogging again (or why any believer would feel led to blog) all I could come up with was simply this: to make Him famous. In the process, you will catch a glimpse inside my thoughts, heart and life. However, I pray God uses this venue of media to make Himself more awesome.


God has been captivating my attention with one word lately. DESIRE.
This is already getting to be a lengthy blog post so i’ll keep it short and sweet. If I am in tune with God then my desires are actually not even my own – they are GOD’s desires that He put into MY heart. Some ways I believe God confirms those desires He has given you arethrough His scriptures and though other believers.

Therefore, I give you my first piece of evidence in the case of my desires (emailed to me this very day by a sweet friend, Sara, who, mind you, has NO CLUE about my new DESIRE obsession):

” i  read this in my quiet time this morning and thought of you:
True dependence is not simply asking God to bless what you decided to do. It is coming to God with an open mind and heart, inviting Him to plant His desires within you. God may infuse withing you a dream that seems far beyond your reach. You know that in yourself you cannot achieve such a goal. Thus begins your journey of profound reliance on God. It is a faith walk, taken one step at a time, leaning on God as much as you need. This is not a path of continual success, but of multiple failures. However, each failure is followed by a growth spurt, nourished by increased reliance on God.”

A=my conversations with God over the last several weeks
B=this sweet email God led a friend to send

A +  B = Blow. My. Mind.

“May He grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your purpose.” Psalm 20:4


November 2, 2005


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I would like to introduce you to my new friend Kate Spade. Isn’t she beautiful! She will be coming to stay with me very soon! Apparently, she takes 6-8 business days to make her journey to her new home!

November 1, 2005

Love is in the Air

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well, it finally happened. audra and brian got engaged. we have all known it was coming – it was just a matter of time! i must say that the ring is rather impressive as is the story of his proposal…such a romantic. but that is how it should be – every little girls dream engagement!

 after work today we are loading up a fifteen passenger club wagon van (here we come!) full of ladies to go to davids bridal and start the ruthless process of wedding planning – starting, of course, with the most important thing – the dress! audra showed me what she has in mind and i most say the girl has great taste! it should be a really interesting girls night out!

October 31, 2005

Customer Service

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After living in New Orleans for about 3 years, I realized one thing that all fast food restaurants had in common – a complete lack of customer service. I thought it was just New Orleans for some time – however, now that I am in Atlanta, I realized it is here too!

I don’t really get it. Take today for instance, I went to McDonalds. Now, lately they have been promoting the incredible Monopoly game. Chris and I had collected several of the free-food pieces. We decided to use one of the free-large-burger pieces today. Apparently, the drive-thru employee was caught completely off-guard by our outrageous request to purchase a burger with a McDonalds-issued coupon. Finally, the extremely intelligent employee felt he better speak with his superior in order to accept the strange offer of a coupon instead of payment. The manager informed him that the Monopoly game was no longer in session therefore the coupon was not valid. Now, the coupon was received from this exact McDonalds location just over a week before and had the exiration date of 11/15/05 written – centered and bolded – on it. Apparently, this specific McDonald’s location was misinformed about the appropriate dates of the Monopoly game. Those blasted district managers!

At this point the go-between-drive-thru boy asked what else he could get us – so kind of him don’t you think. Here, my husband decided we would opt for a lovely in-person experience instead of the impersonal drive-thru. So we parked and proceeded into the store. There we were greeted by a long line of individuals who seemed just as happy as we were that we would all get to place orders with the same one individual working the cash register.

When I made my way to finally meet this much loved employee behind the cash register I showed him the coupon and explained that the date on the Monopoly piece had actually not arrived yet – although I know how fast time can fly when you are working hard. I then requested a #6 value meal with a coke – he too decided to request the approval of his grand superior…the manager! Apparently, she has bad allergies because she kept rolling her eyes and huffing. We know how working in food service kitchens can be.

I paid $1.32 for my value meal and thought I had done quite well. Then I recieved my coke and burger from the manager. Apparently, she wanted to make sure everything was to my liking because she stood there to watch me sort through my order. However, my fries had been forgotten. I informed her of the simple mishap. Then she informed me that my order did not come with fries. I then motioned for the lovely employee behind the register to come over and confirm my idea that value meals did actually include fries. He graciously informed me that while I did in fact request a #6 value meal with a coke – the manager, who could not leave her very busy post of watching other employees make french fries to type in a code on the register for the coupon, had actually told him to just ring-up a burger and a coke. Now, in all the hussle he must have forgotten to inform me that the slogan “Have it your way” really meant “have it the way that is convenient for us” but the manager did not hesitate to inform me that I could make my way all the way back to the end of the line for a second time if I desired to order french fries for my #6 value meal with a coke, no fries. Apparently, she knew I loved meeting new people and wanted to give me the opportunity to mingle with more individuals in line for the one open cash register.

Complete incompetency in a management position.

October 29, 2005


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Well, after all the changes that have taken place since the last time I had a blog, I figured I would start up again (The old blog can still be viewed at nowax.blogspot.com )  You know, kind of a journal for myself and any other interested readers. Bascially, since the old blog I have gotten married, celebrated almost 10 months of marriage, been displaced from my home in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, and relocated to the Atlanta area where my husband-Chris, my miniature Dachshund-Jean Valjean, and myself all live in our new apartment together. Technically this new apartment (that is graciously provided by our jobs) is in a retirement community. Not quite the first year of marriage we planned for – but hey, we can’t say our lives have been boring!